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Depression counseling littleton

Depression Counseling

Biofeedback Colorado works with individuals suffering from depression and anxiety in Littleton and surrounding areas. When treating anxiety, your counselor will work with you on relaxation techniques and explore the underlying causes of anxiety in order to reduce the worrisome thoughts. When working with your counselor for depression you will explore the emotions and core issues contributing to the depression and work on new ways of thinking and being to reduce the depression and improve your quality of life.


When you are experiencing high anxiety and severe depression it can feel like you are alone and no one else could understand your struggles. However, a large portion of the population will experience some form of mental health struggle during their lifetime. In 2012, an estimated 16 million adults experienced a major depressive episode at least once during the year. Additionally, approximately 18.1% of the US population suffer from some form of anxiety disorder. ​

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