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Colorado Online Counseling is a great tool during the Coronavirus (covid-19)

Social distancing may mean switching your in person counseling sessions to be done online. Teletherapy is a form of virtual counseling with a licensed therapist via webcam, phone, email, text message. Clients who work with Biofeedback Colorado have the advantage of continuing therapy with the same therapist now online in Colorado as well as starting therapy with us, and continuing in person conveniently located in Littleton as needed when our lives are able to return to a more normal cycle.  Here are some areas of impact you may experience:

  • Isolation can be problematic for those dealing with addiction of substance abuse.
  • Structure can be crucial for families with children now home full time, especially children with mood disorders.
  • Anxiety has reached epic proportions.
  • Emotional challenges with missing funerals, family milestone events, and children/grandparents.
  • ASRM canceling all infertility cycles (egg retrievals, transfers, etc) and the affect on family dynamics.
  • 24/7 with your significant other possibly compounded by home schooling.

Counseling in Littleton is a huge aspect for our community, however our ability to serve our clients during this time is crucial to come out a strong community upon our return.

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