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pregnancy loss and infertility ivf counseling

Pregnancy Loss and Infertility Counseling

The process of starting or expanding your family is never a straight line. It may not be the simple birds and a bee story we were explained as children. Your path to a family, may look a little different.

The journey, may not be full of laughter, but include many tears, heart wrenching tears along the way. You may find that your significant other is not able to hear your pain, worries, ideas, or more.

Unparalleled compassion, knowledge, problem solving skills and experience interacting and collaborating with all who are involved in creating today’s families:

  • IUI/IVF/ICSI via Infertility Clinics
  • Gestational Carriers/Surrogates and their spouses and/or significant others
  • Intended Parents (including the LGBT community pursuing families by choice)
  • Egg Donors (Identified, Known or Anonymous)
  • Sperm Donors (Identified, Known or Anonymous)
  • Involved Grandparents
  • Those considering egg freezing for themselves
  • Transgender Reproductive Counseling
  • Fertility Clinics/Reproductive Endocrinologists & Staff
  • Third Party Assisted Reproduction Agencies (Egg Donor, Sperm Donor, Surrogate, Gestational Carrier, Embryo Donation)
  • Obstetrician/Gynecologists and Staff
  • Attorneys
  • Children Created with the Assistance of Medical Intervention

Biofeedback Colorado provides detailed and personalized Assessments, Evaluations, Consultations, and Ongoing Care for all who are involved in a fertility journey, focusing on each participant’s specific hopes, dreams and challenges. Her personal and professional experience and continuing professional training provide her with the knowledge to skillfully assess prospective egg donors and surrogates as well as the compassion and problem solving skills to provide guidance to individuals pursuing fertility treatment. 

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